Swopster Is Now Online

Woo-hoo, you may have noticed we’re finally online.

It’s taken a while. Okay, a long, long time! Seemingly insignificant tasks can end up consuming so much of your time, it’s untrue…

So, what’s the current status? Well, my dedicated little band of beta-testers managed to slow the site’s development to a crawl while I frantically fixed some UI issues and minor bugs for them. No major bugs reported as yet (famous last words!), but I needed to do a bit of a re-design of the swapping/confirmation screens. It’s just a bit more reassuring to be taken to a ‘Are you sure’ type of page with explicit confirmation of what you’re requesting rather than the old Banzaii-all-or-nothing ‘I Agree’ button that used to be there.

Another week or so in beta-test, and then I’ll take off the beta restrictions, I think.


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