There are loads of well-written, expertly-crafted games reviews out there. So, it’s time to rebel against this cosy little system and introduce my own series of badly-written, wholly unprofessional game review efforts 🙂

Unlike the well-researched reviews you normally read, my reviews will be bodged together with a complete lack of investigation, effort or skill:

  1. I simply don’t read instruction manuals. This greatly lengthens my gaming sessions (better value for money) but also leads to a teeny-weeny bit of frustration at times.
  2. I’m just a normal guy who likes playing games occasionally. Not an uber-gamer well versed in umpteen control systems with speedy reactions. In fact I have similar reaction times to a month-old corpse. Therefore I completely suck at playing games.
  3. I have (approximately) the same memory capacity as the guy in Memento. This leads to hours of frustration on driving games as I simply cannot memorise tracks. Be warned, I shall rage against any games where my puny memory capabilities are stretched in the slightest.
  4. I can’t remember what my fourth point was… 🙂

So, onwards to my first victim…

A Review of KillZone:Liberation on the PSP


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