Feature Focus: Game Condition

[Over the last few months there have been quite a few changes to the site. For those of you who joined before the site update, there are a host of new features to get to grips with]

Following on from some great feedback, I’ve enhanced the games swapping service to allow you to grade the condition of your SwapList games as well as being able to say whether or not the games come with box and instructions.

When you initially add a game to your SwapList, it’ll default to a condition of Used (well used/minor scratches). Of course, grading your games is subjective, so you should always err on the side of caution when grading your SwapList – if your game is involved in a swap, the other member is entitled to give you negative feedback if they feel your grading is deliberately false.

  Mint++++   As good as new – no signs of use
  Good+++   Only very minor signs of use
  Fair++   Obviously used
  Used+   Well used/minor scratches
  Poor   Used and abused/major scratches

As well as the condition of the game, you can also indicate whether the original box and instructions are also present. By default, they will both be assumed to be included in the swap.

  Box + instructions
  Box – instructions
  Instructions – box
  No box or instructions

To access this extra information, just log in to your Swopster account and go to your Profile page:

This extra information will give everyone a much clearer idea of exactly what it is they’re swapping.

[Some of the recent improvements were simply down to Swopster members giving me feedback and suggestions. So, if you have any comments on how I could further improve the site, just drop me an e-mail or post it in the forums. I’d love to hear from you]


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