Swapping Games: How To Improve Your Chances

An interesting question came up in the forum recently with a member wondering why no-one was swapping games with him. Although I’d previously tried to address this in one of the FAQ articles, it’s worth further discussion.

There’s actually a careful balancing act going on between members who make swap requests and the members who receive them. Swopster has been specifically designed from the outset not to hassle or nag members, so just a simple e-mail is sent out when you request to swap a game with someone. If they don’t accept the swap within a certain period of time, the swap request is automatically retracted.

However, as the member who issued the request, this can become a little frustrating if no-one responds to any of your swap requests for games.

Why is no-one replying?

Well, there are a big number of factors here, some within your control, some outside. We’ll focus here on the factors immediately within your control.

1. The Condition Of Your Games
The first thing to check is the condition of all the SwapList games listed in your profile. By default, games are added as ‘Used’. Your game might actually be in perfect condition – it’s worth making sure you have recorded the correct condition against your game as just something small like that can be enough to tip the balance as to whether or not someone decides to swap with you. Be careful not to bend the truth though as you can receive negative feedback if you’ve deliberately graded your games too optimistically!

2. Your Membership Rating
rating.gif The second thing to check is your membership rating. This is always shown at the top of the screen after you log in. This rating is mainly biased towards the swaps you’ve done. However, even if you haven’t completed any swaps, you can still improve your rating. Referring friends to the site, building a community, logging in regularly – all these types of activities help build up your rating.

3. Your Site Usage
The third thing to check is your usage history. By logging on and viewing your Account page, you’ll see a small graph showing how often you’ve visited the site over the last 5 weeks:


When making a decision on whether or not to swap with you, another member may use this as an indicator of whether you’re an active member or not.


After studying the usage patterns and the feedback received so far, it’s clear that you folks would definitely like more interaction with your fellow members. For instance, being able to ask questions about a swap before committing to it, gently asking why someone is not responding to a swap request, suggesting other game swaps, etc.

In order to achieve all this, a new Private Messaging scheme will be rolled out shortly (with full controls to protect you all from spam, etc.).

As ever, your thoughts and suggestions on the subject would be most welcome.


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