A Blog Challenge

There’s quite an interesting post over at John Chow calling folks out on what’s holding them back from blogging.

Interesting – as I look back at this blogs history, the posting frequency is only about once every few weeks. Gulp!

Actually, I find I do write quite a lot of stuff. It…errr…just never gets posted!

I think I’m a bit of a perfectionist at times. The problem is, I’m a software developer.

Over the years, I’ve conditioned myself to keeping the bar quite high when it comes to releasing software systems and updates. With software, silly (seemingly insignificant) mistakes can have huge consequences (such as the space rocket that blew up because of a missing full-stop) – ummm…not that my humble software is in that league, of course, but you get the idea!

But this risk-averse, conservative behaviour seems to have seeped through into my blogging routine. I write blog posts and tweak them forever…but very few ever make it through my subconscious quality-control filter.

The post over at John Chow has challenged folks to try writing a new post for 20 days straight (yikes, nearly a year of blog articles for me…), so I thought trying that might help unblock my blogging wall.

Does this count as day #1?


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