Switch Off TV – Do Something Useful

The first few paragraphs of this labor day post by Seth Godin really struck a chord with me. The whole Swopster site simply wouldn’t exist today if I hadn’t decided to do something useful with my spare time.

I could have just sat back and watched TV (someone once called TV the “idiot’s lantern” which, at times, is terrifyingly accurate). Once I started Swopster though, I found myself subconciously counting how many hours of trash TV I watched.

There’s nothing worse than thinking “what a waste of 2 hours” after watching a cruddy movie. In fact, in the case of “Die Another Day”, 1.5 hours and then I turned it off before the end because I simply couldn’t take anymore cardboard villains, invisible cars, and nonsensical plot-lines…

But, because Swopster is my hobby, because I don’t have to do it, the time I spend on it is all the more enjoyable.

So, if you have a hobby (unless its watching cruddy Bond movies of course!) could you turn it into something useful?

Enjoy writing? Start a blog!

Enjoy programming? Start a site!

The possibilities really are endless.


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