Gaming News – BioShock, Metroid, Wii and Lair

A little round-up of all the recent gaming news…

While I’ve played a lot of FPS games ever since they first arrived on the scene, I thought this interesting list of the most influential FPS games over at Gunslot aptly demonstrated the huge graphical improvement through the ages. It’s funny how those early, ground-breaking games were awesome at the time, buy now they look pretty tame. It makes you wonder – will we be thinking the same of Halo 3 and BioShock in years to come?

Speaking of BioShock, Metroid is currently outselling it… Way to go Metroid!! I have a soft spot for the cute little Wii – its not as graphically impressive as the super-duper next-gen consoles, it doesn’t have the most impressive title line-up…but I have to say it is way, way, way more fun.

Not wishing to go on about the Wii too much, but I noticed a great looking crossbow controller for it. Now that would be fun!

Also (and I pray to the Jedi lords they’ll actually make these), a proper Wii light-sabre is on the cards too. Oh man, that would be fantastic!

Rather brilliantly, Sony has hit back at negative reviews of Lair and sent out a ‘reviewers guide‘ just to give those pesky reviewers an idea of how to play their game.

Eeh, you couldn’t make it up…


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