More Ideas to Improve Free Game-Swapping

With the inclusion of the whizzy new feature to let you see how many swappers are offering a specific game in a swap and how many want a specific game title, I’ve been thinking about extending this whole thing a little bit further.

Basically, I could either provide a new filter when you browse through the game lists and get it to only display the Available or Wanted games (rather than having to page through lots of pages), or have a brand new ‘Available’ page to show which games are currently on offer.

Or do both, I guess.

Naturally, it all gets horribly complicated by what country you’re in and whether you’re logged in or not (you can only swap within your country of residence).

So…I’m not sure which of these would be best, tbh. And that normally means I’ll implement both of them…damn…there goes the rest of my spare time.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…


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