Interesting Shoemoney Interview

Apologies if I start rambling incoherently.

I woke at 2:30am this morning to the delightful sound of the cat retching (which he always does just a few seconds before he pukes). The realization that he was actually about to throw up on the bed prompted an unexpected airborne mission for little Mr furry features as he was propelled retching through the night air.

Despite that (or perhaps because of it), some weird synapse connections have taken place today. All manner of new ideas for Swopster popped into my head…

Although the cat would probably love to take credit for any inspired thinking, it was probably more to do with listening to this Shoemoney interview – quite an interesting discussion. As ever, Shoe raises some excellent points and even makes newbie marketers like myself understand what he’s on about.

Even though I won’t be plastering adverts all over Swopster, this sort of stuff really does get you thinking.


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