Too Good To Be True?

One of my main motivators behind the Swopster idea was simply to save gamers some money. Having started the ball rolling on it, its now terrific to see how its growing. The more people who join, the more games get added to lists, and the more choice there is for everyone.

Its a nice feeling to just do something good and write a piece of software that benefits so many people.

Its perhaps a rare thing, but everyone really does win with this.

That said, I am finding it relatively difficult to publicise. The problem is, if I talk about it or drop a link on forum, more often than not my link will get flagged as spam.

Some forum members are so accustomed at seeing spam links for dubious sites they react to just about any link or service in the same way. I guess its to be expected, but it can be a little frustrating at times!

What’s been really encouraging though is the number of folks who’ve written to express their appreciation for the site. In fact I’ve been thinking about adding a testimonials page and am busy going back through some of the nice things people have said.

In the end, though, I’m guess I’m just really glad the site is proving to be useful – which makes it all worthwhile for me.


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