Do Canadians, Australians (oh, and New Zealanders) Buy Video-Games?

As I compulsively check the site stats, it’s quite noticeable that the USA and UK members make up most of the membership:

Since I intended Swopster for the English-speaking world at large, its been capable of supporting Canada, Australia and New Zealand from day one. I’ve even had inquiries about producing a German version.

But I have to say, the take-up in these three countries has been a little disappointing.

Now, I can understand New Zealand not being able to compete with the USA and UK in terms of numbers of video-gamers, but Canada? Australia? These are huge countries with pretty large populations.

A quick check over at Wikipedia shows the following populations:

USA    300,000,000
UK    60,000,000
Canada    33,000,000
Australia    21,000,000
New Zealand    4,000,000

So how come there are so few Canadians and Australians swapping video-games?


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