It’s a Karma Thing

As a bit of an experiment, I’ve been playing with the referrals promotion over the last few weeks.

A long time ago, I built a referral mechanism into Swopster to reward those members who took the time and effort to encourage other people to join up. When someone signs up, if they use the referring member’s username or have been directed to the site via a personal referral link, the referring member gets a nice little rating boost.

Members personal referral links used to be displayed all the time in the previous incarnation of Swopster and proved to be a popular scheme. Since the site redesign a few months ago, however, the referral link was removed. Despite this, the benefit to your rating is mentioned around the site quite a few times.

However, after checking through how many referrals came through over the past month or so, I found there weren’t many at all.

Members may simply have been unaware of how beneficial referrals can be to their ranking, so now your personal referral code is displayed prominently after you log-in:

This seems to be working well as the referral numbers are picking up once again.


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