More Up-To-Date Game Lists

A bit of a quiet week for enhancements and news, I’m afraid.

However, I am taking steps to improve how regularly new games are added into the database. This has been one of the biggest problems with the whole Swopster experience so far for both myself and members.

Currently, it’s a manual, time-consuming, brain-destroying task that I’m not that keen on doing.

Through a combination of games constantly being released, and my inherently lazy nature, the lists for all the consoles simply get more and more out of date until folks start screaming at me on the forums or e-mailing me.

I’ve devised quite a neat semi-automated solution that will trawl around the net and update the games lists. It’s only about 40% built so far, but the initial tests are looking very encouraging.

So, soon, you’ll finally be able to select from fully up-to-the-minute games lists.


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